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Bubble Week OHA Administered Standardized testing INFO

Welcome to our Annual tradition of Bubble Week!  We're so glad you're considering joining us for easy-on-parents Standardized testing in a fun community environment!


Q. What do I tell the district?

If you intend to use this test as your end of year assessment for your school district, you can put

“Student will be assessed using the ITBS Form E”

in your 3rd quarterly reports.  You can forward your results to the district when you receive them.  Your student must show a total score of 30th percentile in the national ranking, and you can block out the other score details.

Q. Who can participate?

Any OHA member student who is reporting 3rd grade, or can read the test unassisted. 

(NY homeschoolers are legally required to test every other year 4th thru 8th, and annually 9th-12th)

Q. What does it cost?

$60 per student, includes test materials, administration and scoring.

Q. What kind of test is it?

We are taking the IOWA (ITBS), form E, in paper form.  This is a standard, “fill in the bubble” type test. 

Q. What level do I choose?

The test has different levels based on the grade that the child is completing.  The level corresponds to the child’s approximate age at the time of the test.  You can choose the level that you think is appropriate for your child, but all test sections must be the same level.  (See the chart at the bottom of the page)

Q. When is testing and how long?
Testing takes a total of 5 hours, which we will spread over 3 days to complete. Each subject is broken down into smaller tests, with breaks in between.  We will start at 9am each day, and finish testing at noon.  Please plan to join us for a potluck lunch and playtime at noon EACH DAY, so kids can enjoy each others company, play with bubbles, and blow off steam! 

Q. Where is testing?

The Oswego Alliance Church Community Center, 371 Thompson Rd, Oswego, NY

Q. What do I bring?

All students need to bring 

Calculator: a basic, 4 function calculator that they know how to use (this cannot be on a phone).  If you don’t have one at home, they’re available at walmart for under $5.  

Pencils: 2, #2 pencils, preferably sharpened.  

A sweater or jacket in case it’s cool in the testing room

If your student does not know their full name, age, address, parent’s name, and parent’s phone number, please send them with that information written down on an index card or paper.  They will need that information to fill out the test forms on the first day.  


Because we fill in the "bubbles" on the exam, and because we want testing to be a positive, friends-and-fun filled experience, that we look forward to and enjoy!