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Oswego Homeschool Association’s Drop-off Programming Code of Conduct

Members of OHA are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment where all individuals are treated with respect and have the opportunity to learn and socialize. OHA has a high set of expectations for conduct as a group and at drop-off programming. We ask that members work together to help everyone feel included and safe. The Code of Conduct outlined below is in place to help us achieve that goal and to assist teachers, parents, and students with understanding expectations, procedures, and disciplinary steps relevant to LEAP and or other OHA programming where parents may not be present to manage their child(rens)’ behavior.

Code of Conduct Expectations of Families

1. Families must be a member of the Oswego Homeschool Association to take part in LEAP or other OHA drop-off programming unless otherwise stated.

2. All fees must be paid on time.

3. Parents must fill out the emergency contact at the time of registration with up to date contact information and be available by phone during the drop-off program.

4. Participants realize that the nature of OHA requires working with others who may have different philosophies of education, child-rearing, religion, politics, etc. Members should be courteous and respectful of these differences, while also abiding by OHA’s bylaws.

5. Concerns or conflicts between members that are unable to be resolved one-on-one and require resolution should be reported to a board member, so that the OHA Board can assist with conflict resolution.

6. Parents are responsible for checking their email for weekly programming updates.

Expectations of Students

1. All students are to be respectful of others. Be kind in what you say and do.

2. All students are expected to arrive on time, be prepared, follow instructions of teachers and staff, and follow the policies and procedures of the drop-off program.

3. No student should leave a room or activity without permission.

4. All students should make their best efforts to work together and encourage one another.

5. All students will refrain from disruptive behavior that interferes with learning.

6. All students must communicate in an appropriate manner, which means we will not use foul language, gestures, or harsh words.

7. Cheating, bullying, harassment, and violence toward others will not be tolerated.

8. All students will respect the facility’s rules and property.

9. All students will respect the property of others.

10. OHA is not responsible for the loss of personal objects brought to class. Please avoid bringing things to class that are not required for participation such as toys, books, stuffed animals, etc.

11. Phones and devices must be put away during class time, unless an instructor deems them necessary.

12. No knives or weapons are permitted.

If a student or parent feels these expectations are not being met, a student or parent should approach staff and inform them of the issue. Students and parents also have the right to bring concerns to the program coordinator.

\Student Dress Code

OHA respects students’ rights to express themselves in their attire. All students who attend OHA programs are therefore expected to respect the school community by dressing appropriately for a K -12 educational environment. Student attire should facilitate participation in learning as well as the health and safety of students and staff.

? Clothing must conceal undergarments.

? Any article of clothing with words or graphics may not contain profanity, obscenity, hate speech, or promote any illegal activity or violence.

Our expectation is that homeschool parents are responsible for helping their students make respectful choices. When possible dress code concerns will be directed to the parent and not the student.

Student Discipline Policy

Occasionally problems may arise with a student’s behavior. In this case, our policy is first, a verbal reminder and redirection. Second, if the behavior persists, a student may be removed from a class. We will notify you if there is an ongoing issue with your child. If an unacceptable behavior continues, a student may need to be picked up early and/or be suspended from drop-off programming. Physical aggression such as hitting, biting, choking, and pushing, as well as bullying and verbal aggression will not be tolerated. In OHA, safety is of the utmost importance. Every child and parent should feel safe- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If a student does have to be removed due to behavioral issues there will be no refund.

Please go over these expectations with your student, and sign your agreement below...